Sex is a vital a part of most people’s lives. so it’s not shocking that folks have queries that ar associated with the frequency of sex. we would like to grasp however usually we must always be having sex and what’s thought-about traditional. we have a tendency to worry concerning Associate in Nursingy attainable correlation between the frequency of sex and also the probability of getting an STD. particularly individuals need to be confident that they’re traditional, healthy and safe once it involves sexual matters.

How usually must you Be Doing It? frequency of sex

There aren’t any exhausting and quick rules once it involves the frequency of sex. you must let your sexual appetence dictate however usually you’ve got intercourse instead of acceptive Associate in Nursing encounter as a result of you’re feeling pressured into doing thus. but you’ll be able to check out statistics to examine whether or not you’re having sex additional or but average. for example statistics tell United States of America that the common couple has sex once or double every week. in fact you may sleep with with larger or lesser frequency than that. for example once you and your partner 1st get along it’s traditional to be everywhere one another like 2 rabbits. Conversely older married couples ar possible to possess a reduced frequency of sex.

Factors like age, general physical health and also the length of the connection all have an impression on the frequency of sex. yet it’s a slip to believe that older individuals stop having sex altogether. consistent with statistics sixty eight % of seventy year previous men and fifty six % of ladies of identical age ar still having regular sex. thus if you have been questioning whether or not your grandparents ar still doing it, the solution is perhaps affirmative.

Sexual Health

Are you troubled a few correlation between the frequency of sex and also the probability of getting Associate in Nursing STD? There ar some rather shivery statistics however you must not let this alarm you. the reality is that teenagers Associate in Nursingd young adults WHO oft have unprotected sex ar at larger risk of getting an STD. The likelihood will increase with the quantity of various sexual partners an individual has.

Sexual life

Fortunately it’s simple to guard yourself from STDS notwithstanding the frequency of sex that you just have, provided you’re taking the required precautions. for example it’s an honest plan to use condoms a minimum of till you hook up with and begin a family. If you’re a young feminine beneath the age of twenty-six you’ll conjointly want to raise your health care supplier a few vaccinum like Gardasil. These vaccinations shield against most strains of HPV virus, that is thought to cause cervical cancer.


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