Ayurveda believes that joint and muscle pains are mainly caused due to the aggravation of vata dosha in the body. It is also caused due to accumulation of excess toxins in the body in some people. These toxins gather mainly because of improper digestion and it is stated that these toxic substances deposit in the sites that are weaker in the body and when they deposit in the joints they cause pain. So, when toxins are removed and when vata dosha is pacified with ayurvedic remedies, joint pain will be relieved. This formula is applicable not just for older people, but also for younger people as well.

Old people need not have to live with joint pain:

As soon as they reach around 65 to 70 years, most men and women come to a conclusion that they are nearing their end and joint pain is a part and parcel of their natural aging process. Even though, aging is stated to be the important contributor towards joint ache, the other reasons mentioned above like aggravated vata and toxin build up in the body can cause this pain. For those looking for ayurvedic remedies to relieve joint pain, the remedy called as Rumoxil capsules will help old age people to get the ideal treatment, regardless of the reason behind the joint pain.

Not just joint pain:

Even though, Rumoxil capsules are stated as ayurvedic remedies to relieve joint pain, these capsules are known to be effective in treatment of many other conditions like:

1. Leg cramps
2. Backache and muscular weakness
3. Arthritis and inflammation
4. Poor mobility of joints
5. Frozen shoulder and neuralgia
6. Sciatica and fibromyalgia
7. Gout and musculoskeletal pain.

All these issues are addressed by these ayurvedic remedies to relieve joint pain, mainly because of their effective ingredients.

Effective ingredients: These capsules are made up of effective herbal ingredients that can work against joint ache and they can bring a wide range of other benefits as well. Let us gather some details about the ingredients in these capsules:

1. Harad can improve digestive function and so it will reduce toxin build up in the body.

2. Asthisanhar is a bowel cleanser and this is another digestive herb in Rumoxil capsules.

3. Piplamool can address a wide range of ailments like cold, fever, asthma and other conditions that can weaken individuals due to their age and other factors.

4. Nagkesar will help in effective elimination of toxins from the body.

5. Nirgundi can act as an effective mind and body healer.

6. Ashwagandha is a whole-body rejuvenator and it is known for its effective detoxification properties to help people get rid of joint ache.

7. Babuna can calm the body to a great extent and so it can relieve joint ache as well.

There are many other ingredients in these ayurvedic remedies to relieve joint pain to provide excellent relief for joint ache, caused not just because of age, but also caused due to other factors as well.



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