Ayurveda believes that individuals with imbalance in the pitta dosha are highly susceptible to hyperacidity and peptic ulcers. These individuals are also known to be at higher risk of inflammatory disorders. Different factors associated with environment, extra-hot spicy foods, impatience, anger and stress can increase or aggravate pitta. Ayurveda also recommends that few lifestyle changes and simple changes in the diet will bring the imbalance to normal for smoother and for effective digestion and also for improvement of calm and contentment in these individuals.

What is pitta?

According to this alternative system of medicine, it is nothing, but the heat energy within each and every cell of the human body with main focus on the stomach area. It is stated that excess consumption of heat-producing foods can mean that the digestive tract will overreact with an increase in the production of acids. Some foods like chili peppers, yogurt, salsa, orange juice, tomatoes, vinegar and sour citrus fruits are known to aggravate the digestion and these foods are recommended to be avoided until the imbalance is rectified. In the case of individuals with sensitivity towards these foods, they are recommended to completely avoid these foods. These individuals can rely on ayurvedic supplements to cure acidity and indigestion problem.

Herbal supplement: When it comes to ayurvedic supplements to improve digestion and to cure acidity problem, the remedy called as Herbozyme capsules will bring the intended relief. These capsules will promote effective digestive balance and will play an important role towards soothing stomach irritation. The unique herbal ingredients in these capsules will also help in prevention of gas and bloating issues.

Besides acting as effective ayurvedic supplements to cure acidity, these capsules will also provide relief for a number of related issues like flatulence and constipation as well. Not just for improving digestion, but also for effective absorption of nutrients, the ingredients in these capsules will help. When foods are properly digested with the help of these ayurvedic supplements to improve digestion, they will help with healthy metabolism, healthy body and controlled weight.

What makes these capsules effective?

These ayurvedic supplements to cure acidity can bring the above-mentioned benefits mainly because of the effective ingredients that play an important role. Here is the list of ingredients and their respective roles in making these capsules effective ayurvedic supplements to improve digestion:

1. Hing is known for its effective digestive properties.

2. Ajwain can help in getting rid of diseases associated with digestive tract and can also play an important role against constipation and hyperacidity.

3. Podina is yet another ingredient known for its digestive properties and it will also help in relieving stomach cramps, thereby forming part of ayurvedic supplements to improve digestion.

4. Madhur chur is also an acidity reliever and it is because of this property, this ingredient is added to Herbozyme capsules.

All these ingredients make these capsules the best ayurvedic supplements to cure acidity.

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