Constipation mostly occurs for people, who do not take enough fiber in their diet. It also happens in the case of people, who sit for long hours due to their work or just for entertainment purpose. In addition, people with this issue are recommended to drink plenty of water to loosen up the stool, such that evacuation will happen easily. They are also recommended to exercise on a regular basis. Besides doing all these things, taking herbal remedies to stop constipation will bring excellent relief and when such an herbal remedy called as Arozyme capsule is used for three to four months continuously, they can find complete relief for their problem.

What are Arozyme capsules?

These capsules are specially blended with proven and time-tested herbal ingredients that are known for their digestive properties. When the herbal ingredients with digestive property are combined with that of other potent herbs, they will help in maintenance of natural pH level in the stomach and will aid in effective digestion of all types of foods. Some herbal ingredients in these capsules have mild laxative properties and so they will loosen the hard stool to ensure soft and painless evacuation. In addition, the herbal ingredients in these herbal remedies to stop constipation will prevent hyperacidity, flatulence and abdominal pain by relaxing the nerves in the stomach and colon system.

The effective ingredients in these capsules will also lubricate the intestines and will relax the nervous system in the stomach. Some active ingredients in these capsules are known for the carminative properties and will prevent excessive formation of intestinal gas. More than anything else, these capsules with its effective ingredients will regularize the bowel movements, such that waste elimination in the body will take place in a regular manner. All these benefits are provided by these capsules without disturbing the fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. All these benefits offered by these herbal remedies to stop constipation are due to the ingredients and let us gather some details about the effective ingredients in these capsules:

Effective ingredients in Arozyme capsules:

1. Haritaki is known to be an effective herb for people suffering with chronic constipation. This herbal ingredient can increase the frequency of stools and it has the ability to ensure complete bowel evacuation. It can increase the digestive enzymes and will help with clearance of undigested residues.

2. Mint is a digestive herb that will help with proper digestion of foods.

3. Hing is another ingredient known for its digestive properties. It can also address different stomach disorders like gas and flatulence.

4. Dikamali is another herbal ingredient in herbal remedies to stop constipation because it can pacify kapha and vata doshas and it is an excellent pain reliever with wound healing properties. It can help in reducing pain caused by hard stool and it can also relieve other problems like flatulence and constipation.

The other effective ingredients in Arozyme capsules like ajwain, madhur kshar, sonth and sanay.

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