Joints are responsible for connecting bones and they provide the support needed for our legs to help us move around. Any damage to the joints either from injury or from any sort of diseases can interfere with movement in individuals and can cause a lot of pain.

Causes for painful joints: When talking about painful joints, it can occur due to different conditions like normal sprains and strains, gout, bursitis or even it can also be caused due to bigger problems like rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Muscle and joint pains are common and reports state that nearly one-third of adults face these problems even before reaching middle age.

Solution to the problem: Many of them have the question ‘how to treat joint and muscle pain’. The reason for this is that they try out different methods and they find that everything turns out to be useless. This is where herbal remedies called as Rumacure capsules get into picture. These herbal remedies with all-natural ingredients can bring safe remedy to joint and muscle pain. In addition, as these capsules are made out of purely natural ingredients they do not cause any side effects.

Ingredients are responsible: Rumacure capsules can be the answer to the question ‘how to treat joint and muscle pain?’ due to its ingredients and here is the list of ingredients in these capsules along with their effects on the human body:

1. Godanti hadtal bhasma is an ayurvedic preparation made out of gypsum and due to its cold nature; it is widely used in Ayuveda for treatment of pitta imbalance. It can improve strength and immunity, such that joint pain caused due to weakness will be relieved.

2. Nux vomica will be effective in treatment of pain not just in joints and muscles, but also in limbs and this is why it is added as an ingredient in Rumacure capsules to provide the right answer to the question how to treat joint and muscle pain.

3. Nag bhasma is an ayurvedic preparation that is prepared from lead. It can address liver and skin problems and also other health issues like asthma and diabetes. These issues can also cause pain in joints and this is the reason why it is added as an ingredient in Rumacure capsules.

4. Rasna is an ingredient that is known for its effectiveness in treating vata disorders. Joint pain is caused due to imbalance in vata in some people and so to provide relief to this imbalance rasna is added to these herbal remedies.

5. Haritaki is also stated to be an effective herbal remedy for vata type joint pains and so it is added to these capsules to bring safe answer to the question ‘how to treat joint and muscle pain’

6. Piplamool is a rejuvenating herb and it can rejuvenate each and every tissue in the human body, thereby naturally relieving many symptoms associated with muscle and joint pain.

These capsules have many other ingredients to naturally strengthen the joints and bones to naturally relieve pain.



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