The Click and Grow is a unique product that’s ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy indoor herbs and vegetables without the typical hassles of growing indoors.

How’s this possible?

It’s because the Click and Grow is a smart garden that uses a special type of soil and more to provide the perfect conditions for growing fresh herbs and certain fruits indoors, all year round.

While all of this sounds awesome, we have to verify if the Click & Grow is actually as awesome as it sounds. To do this, our Click and Grow Review will look into how effective the device is and if it’s worth your money, especially the Smart Garden 3.

Let’s get started!

Review: What’s So Special About the Click and Grow Indoor Herb Garden?

The Click and Grow Smart Garden on a white background

In this review, we’ll take a look at the smaller setup that uses three plant capsules. The first thing we noticed was how user-friendly and hassle-free it is. You don’t have to worry about pesticides, pH levels, regular watering, adequate sunlight, or the other hassles of maintaining an indoor/outdoor garden.

The Click and Grow system handles it all for you and you can customize its operation with its smart interface.

How Does It Work?

The design of the Click and Grow 3 makes using it easy. You can grow up to three plants at a time with very little effort.

A special product called Smart Soil is used instead of regular potting mix. Smart Soil is made of natural materials and provides a suitable environment for plants to grow. The soil preserves pH levels and provides oxygen and essential nutrients to keep a plant healthy.

a smart soil pod

Very little of this soil is used which keeps things nice and neat, but it is highly effective and you can grow a wide variety of plants in the device. The most common are dwarf basil, mini tomatoes, and lettuce. You can also use your own herbs with their DIY refills.

Place the pre-seeded plant pods/capsules into the Click and Grow and add water to the appliance’s reservoir. Plug the system into a power outlet and the self-watering planter will take care of the rest while you watch your herb garden grow.

Since the system doesn’t depend on natural sunlight, there are grow lights over each plant capsule to ensure the plants get enough light to facilitate photosynthesis.

The whole package is neat and user-friendly for anyone who wants beautiful and healthy plants in their home minus the trouble of constantly adjust worrying if they are getting enough sun and water.

kids watering basil plants in the indoor garden
It’s easy enough for kids to grow their own fresh herbs.

What Can You Grow?

There are several things you can grow in the Click and Grow smart garden pods. With more than 45 pre-seeded plant pods to choose from, you could grow lavender, wild strawberries, cilantro, basil, thyme, sage, parsley, cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, and many more. See all the available varieties on the Click and Grow website.

The best part is you can grow most of the plants at any time of the year indoors with the Click and Grow. And since the plants are growing inside, you don’t have to worry about damage from the elements and pests, or about harmful substances getting into your indoor garden.

How Do Its Different Components Work?

Different components come together to make the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 work. The most important components are:

LED grow lights: These energy-efficient lights assist the plants with photosynthesis all year round, regardless of the weather outside. The grow light is adjustable with a modular design so you can easier raise the light as your herbs get taller.

Water reservoir: This holds all the water that keeps the plants hydrated. The system automatically waters your herbs and vegetable, then alerts you when it’s time to refill the reservoir.

Smart Soil: This contains all the nutrients to keep your plants healthy and flourishing. Made from all-natural materials, the smart soil is designed to evenly distribute air, water, and nutrients directly to the roots,

Plant pods: The plant pods hold the smart soil and fit into the base of the system.

What About the Click and Grow – Smart Garden 9?

the larger click and grow 9 shown with lettuce, basil and tomatoes

The Click and Grow 9 is very similar to the Click and Grow 3, except that it can hold up to nine different plants in nine different pods at a time.

Because of its size, the Smart Garden 9 is a good option if you want an indoor garden that can support more fruits and vegetables. But if you are satisfied with something smaller and less expensive, then the Click & Grow 3 is the way to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Click & Grow plants last?

basil growing in the click and grow next to a fresh pizza prepared with the basil

The lifespan of a Click & Grow plant depends on the precise type of herb or vegetable being grown. In most cases, herbs, vegetables, and flowers will continue growing for two to three months. There are a few varieties that last longer, like chili peppers that will grow for up to 21 weeks.

How often does it need water?

A full water reservoir can last for about two to three weeks or less, depending on how thirsty the type of plant you are growing is. There is a water float indicator that you can use to check the water level. If using the Click & Grow app, you’ll get a notification when the system’s tank needs a refill.

Can I make my own seed pod refills?

Yes, you can make your own seed pod refills. But note that it may not deliver results that are as good as pods that contain Click & Grow’s unique smart soil


The Click and Grow series of products take smart gardening to a new level. It is a fun way to grow herbs at home without having to worry about your plants getting enough light. It adds beauty to any room you are in and can be a safe and convenient source of fresh herbs and certain vegetables.

picking fresh herbs from the click and grow 9

Also, since the appliance is so easy to use and requires minimal maintenance, it’s great for beginners who want to try out indoor gardening. It can be fun for the whole family as you watch the plants grow in a matter of days.
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