Amyrotrophic Lateral Sclerosis abbreviated as ALS include a group of neurological disorders, which have an effect on motor neurons controlling the muscle activities such as walking, speaking, swallowing, breathing as well as other general body movements. Traditionally there is no complete treatment option for halting the progression of this disease, yet there are a few devices or drugs, which are used for controlling the symptoms to make life easier. The shortage of drug treatment for ALS as well as lack of preclinical data has made it a subject for stem cell research. Even in India, research to find stem cell therapy for such motor neuron diseases is in progress.

Research ongoing for ALS treatment India has demonstrated that stem cell therapy can stop the progression of this disease in patients. Transplantation of stem cells have emerged as an attractive ALS treatment India, and some success that researchers have achieved on animal models have given new hope of delaying degeneration and restoration of muscle functionality in humans as well. Allogeneic or autologous stem cells, whether transdiffrentiated or undifferentiated, when controlled genetically or epigenetically can be a possible source for systemic or local stem cell therapy for treating ALS.

Other than ALS treatment india, scientists are trying to develop stem cell therapy for other neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and parkinson’s disease. In recent attempts to develop stem cell based ALS treatment, glia and neurons have been produced from stem cells that were cultured, and further efforts are being made to encouraging the formation of glial cells and prevention of loss of neurons. Now, researchers need to put these advancements into action by turning them into useful therapies. The accomplishment of stem cell therapy for treating diseases like ALS depends primarily on preclinical evidences, as the connectivity pattern, which needs restoration in such degenerative disorders are very complex.

Stem cell based ALS treatment India is offered by some recognized hospitals, but it is usually administered with other treatments or drugs like antioxidants or sometimes trophic molecules are also infused. The traditional ALS treatment options suffer from contraindications like dysphasia, respiratory failure, etc. However, the reason why stem cell research is so hyped is that these cells are master cells, which are isolated from human body and then developed in lab conditions to be re-infused back into the patient’s body. These cells then strap up their potential to differentiate into required kind of cells. The efficiency and safety of such treatment options are yet to be confirmed, but the rising number of successful studies has given hope to patients suffering from motor neuron diseases.

Of late, several patients have opted for stem cell based ALS treatment India, and the data gathered after stem cell transplantation until now shows that presently stem cell therapy does not fight with the main cause of the disorder, instead it influenced the connections of pathological diseases substantially to decelerate the progression of this motor neuron disease. Studies to develop stem cell therapy for diseases like ALS are underway in countries like Japan, Korea, and China, and recently there has been a rise in support for stem cell based ALS treatment India.

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