Cosmetic dentistry is the technique of improving the overall appearance of the teeth, the gums and the chewing capability. The main focus here is to improve the dental aesthetics like the position, shape, size and color, alignment of the teeth. The addition of the dental material, the removal of the gums and tooth structure, teeth whitening, laser whitening, teeth straightening and improving the appearance of the teeth comes under the cosmetic dental treatment.

Transforming smile with cosmetic dentistry

Many times while glancing through the magazines you may have seen celebrities with dazzling smile. In most cases, the smile is not gifted but acquired via the cosmetic dentistry. The dazzling smile featured in the magazines, the spotless tooth is all due to the dentistry procedure. So, transform the smile from an ordinary one to the dazzling one.

What can the cosmetic dental care do?

There are people who dread smiling widely. A lot many tooth defects like tooth crookedness, tooth discoloration, chips, gaps, misalignment and chips are treated. Such defects may be the cause of greater embarrassment, forcing you to hide your personality.

A complete smile makeover with cosmetic care

You can get the smile makeover which involves the comprehensive assessment of smile aesthetics to enhance the overall appearance. The dentist can use multiple cosmetic dentistry process like the dental implants, dental veneers, teeth whitening and gingival sculpting. Several teeth can be treated in both the upper and the lower arches.

The entire mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction improves the aesthetic appearance of the smile. Functional problems in the teeth muscles, gums and the bone structure will be treated. Materials are available for the entire mouth reconstruction and the dentist offers durable, clinical and functionally very sound treatment.

The role of cosmetic dentistry

The cosmetic dentist can shape up the uneven tooth and blend them with the rest of the teeth. The dentist will extract the wrongly placed teeth and substitute by artificial tooth in the designed dental line. The dentist will arrange for the design braces to shape up the teeth. Minor facelift will also be performed to transform the smile. The cosmetic denture will fill up the space of the tooth which is lost. The cosmetic dentist will shape up the entire line of the tooth. The teeth are repositioned in way that they remain in order. If you wish to go for the entire range of cosmetic dentistry treatment, it may consume at least 6 months.

Repositioning the teeth with orthodontics

Orthodontics is the type of cosmetic dentistry which can shape up the entire tooth line. The teeth will be fixed up and repositioned in order to arrange them in order. The technique of bracing will straighten the teeth and enhance the appearance and aesthetics of the face.

The past record of the client proves how the dental clinic and the dentist have performed. On paying a visit to the clinic, the dentist will put up a series of questions. In any case, the cosmetic dental procedure can improve and uplift the functional nature of the teeth. The dentist will diagnose, prevent and even treat the gum and oral disease.

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